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Bissell Cleanup Story by Cheyenne S.

Posted by Cassie Walsh on

Bissell has donated a carpet cleaner to our rescue, and we're going to award one hard-working foster family with it! We're using your shares and comments to decide the winner. Here's one of their stories!

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Because I cannot contain my enthusiasm, I have my tree up and decorated before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Last year was a little different for my family, though, because aside from our own two female dogs, we were fostering Shultz for SGSR during the holidays.  While our girls were unimpressed by having a real tree inside of our home, Shultz loved it!  A tree in the house seemed the perfect place for him to mark his territory when we were not home (which had not been an issue prior to bringing in the Christmas tree). 

Three days before Christmas, I arrived home from running errands to find the tree flipped over in the floor. My precious ornaments shattered. My lights busted. My tree covered in Shultz's urine.  Water had poured from the stand, soaking everything nearby.  As a true lover of all things Christmas, I tried to repair the situation...amidst my sobs.  All three dogs cowered nearby.  While I could stand the tree back up and fix some of the lights, I could not get past the vivid smell of male dog urine.  I threw the tree out on the deck, declared Christmas was cancelled, and began scrubbing the floors. 

My dogs are all spoiled rotten, however, so they each still received their Christmas toys and treats.  Furthermore, Shultz is now happily adopted in his forever home and is perhaps peeing on someone else's tree this Christmas! :P

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