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Bissell Cleanup Story by Todd V.

Posted by Cassie Walsh on

Bissell has donated a carpet cleaner to our rescue, and we're going to award one hard-working foster family with it! We're using your shares and comments to decide the winner. Here's one of their stories!

I was fostering a Dutch Shepherd named Marbles for Southeast German Shepherd Rescue and as we all know these guys have a lot of energy, luckily I have a Dogpacer treadmill that I use for my Belgian Malinois and other high energy dogs that make their way through my home.  Well, one evening I decided he needed a good run to get out some energy, this was not his first time on the treadmill and all was going well until I noticed something flying off the belt of the treadmill, I hit the emergency stop to investigate and there I saw what happened, he had pooped without missing a stride and as each morsel hit the belt of the treadmill it went flying off and into the wall behind it creating his own version of a Picasso painting.

Now cleaning it off the wall was easy, and the floor wasn’t half bad either, but scrubbing remnants of poop off the textured belt of a treadmill was the absolute worst. From that day forward I have made the best effort to ensure that dogs are empty before partaking in a run on the treadmill so that we can limit the chances of a repeat pooptastrify so i am never in that shituation again.  

Marbles was later adopted by a great family in Raleigh, NC.

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